At Home Challenges #2

At Home Challenges #2

Here are some more challenges for your students to complete this week…

At Home Challenges 02

Simply print out these challenges for your students to take home.  Remind them that they need to do them every night and get the sheet ticked and signed by their parent to bring back in next week.

If they do these every night like they should then you will soon see the improvements in their balance, strength and fitness.


Robot Push Ups For Kids

Robot Push Ups For Kids

Here is an excerpt frm the “Martial Arts For Kids: Kids Activities For Healthy Kids” explaining how to do Robot Push Ups and why they are so good for Martial Artists.

Robot Push Ups

They sound easy but if you do 50 in each direction you will feel it the next day :-)


AJ Perry

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At Home Challenges #01

Here Are The First At-Home-Challenges For Your Kids

My goal is to keep kids training everyday and the “Martial Arts for Kids” books are designed to be used as a fun reference for setting At-Home-Challenges to get and keep them in great physical shape for their Martial Arts training in the Dojo.

Download this PDF file below and print it out for your students to complete over the next week and then return it to you all ticked and signed off by their parents.


This first set of challenges will help build their core, abdominals and obliques.  The duck walks help build leg strength and balance.

I’ll be putting up new challenges every week to keep them growing stronger and fitter.

If you have any questions or comments please add them below.

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