Martial Arts Drills For Kids

Martial Arts Drills For KidsMartial Arts drills for kids classes are a staple of nearly every school but they don’t have to be boring.

Martial Arts drills are a great way to teach basic principals to both kids and adults.  The repetition of the action helps to develop what we call muscle memory.

A great example of this is seen in musicians.  A piano players fingers can move faster across the keys hitting them with the perfect amount of pressure to make beautiful music but it happens too fast for their concious mind to calculate.  A musician can play a fast and complex piece of music because they have practiced it and built in muscle memory so that their subconcious mind can guide their fingers to the correct keys at the right time and in the right sequence.

Martial Arts drills for kids develops the same kind of muscle memory.  Initially in a much simpler way with single and then linked moves.

The simple act of being pushed and stepping back into a well balanced fighting stance seems simple once the skill is learned but at the begining stages of learning a Martial Art it may not be a natural reaction for the kids.

By using Martial Arts drills for kids to get the repetitive training and perfect their technique so that it occurs under pressure and without concious thought is the intention of all instructors.  However, teaching Martial Arts drills for kids can become boring if there is limited variety between lessons.  When boredom sets in so does sloppy technique.

The only thing worse than not practicing a technique is practicing it incorrectly.  When a child becomes bored they lose focus and start just moving the arms and legs around to look busy.  They are missing all of the benefits of properly training their Martial Arts drills.  For kids to remain interested in drilling techniques with focus you need to adapt it from being a Martial Arts Drill into being a Martial Arts Game.

A Martial Arts Game takes all of the technical elements of the drill and puts it into a situation where it can be applied in a fun way…

Martial Arts Drills for Kids are Boring

Martial Arts Games like Quickdraw, Climb The Ladder and Kick Ball Sniper transform normal kicking technique drills into fun activities that capture the kids attention and have them focusing on improving their speed, flexability and targeting skills.

Martial Arts drills for kids generally involve practicing in the air… all lined up facing the front of the class.  Without the stimulus of having an opponent or a focus pad to hit or a goal to reach or a time to beat there is no challenge for the kids.

Kids love to learn and to conquer new challenges. If you set them goals to reach they will rise to the challenge and have a sense of achievement when they succeed.  The more you challenge them the more they will grow both in their Martial Arts Skills and in their own Self Worth knowing that they can accomplish great things when tested.

Don’t restrict growth and bore your students with mundane Martial Arts drills for kids when you can add exciting Martial Arts Games into your lesson plans to rapidly improve their learning of your Martial Art.

Martial Arts games make simple drills more fun and more functional… let’s face it the real goal of learning a Martial Art is to be able to apply it when it’s needed.  When push comes to shove and the pressure is on and the adrenalin hits a body will resort to the basics without thinking.  The Martial Arts Games have prepared them for the application of techniques under pressure and will come out as a Reflex Action when needed.

Martial Arts Games are not just for fun, they are an important evolution in the way we teach and are a fantastic improvement on just using stale Martial Arts drills for kids.

For Tested and Proven, Exciting Martial Arts Games for Kids click on the pic below…

Martial Arts Games for Kids

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